BMFcast135 – Pooky


Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans (1987) is the sequel to one of our esteemed 5 Jox winners. There’s a lot more forced comedy and a lot less forced entry in this wacky sequel to the utterly deadpan original, though. Does this equal a good thing?


Second half we talk about this little independent movie called My Dinner with Batman (no, wait that’s not it). We continue our Bond marathon with Diamonds Are Forever, a goofy sequel in its own right. Plus plenty of other movie discussion. Enjoy!


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  1. MusiM says:

    Yeah I felt like the whole EQ on Dark Knight Rises was horrendous.

    I’m also with Harlo a bit on the sequel potential for Dark Knight Rises. The setup seems pretty awesome but honestly I wouldn’t want to see any other creative team behind it. Nolan is in a league of his own as a director and my hope is that when another director tackles Batman, they simply reboot and skip the retelling of the origin story.

    Opening nights usually applaud. They have at almost all the ones I’ve been at except maybe X3. Of course I kind of got boo’ed at for doing a rather loud moan following some loud angry words at the after credits scene so that might have had something to do with it.

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