BMFcast133 – Ambiguous


Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991) gets this week’s review, starring BMFcast favorite Dolph Lundgren. There’s action aplenty, story a little and Tia Carerre’s body double. Plus one incredibly awkward and memorable line from Brandon Lee.


Second half we talk Amazing Spider-Man, more Bond Marathon and Chuck watches some of the worst movies one could ever choose to watch. And we make sure to properly chastise him for this.


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    I figured this movie would be more your speed. I am not surprised that I remember various people mentioning it before in the past. Besides it being really short it’s an action movie with a lot of comedy and there are some preposterous things.

    I am enjoying all the Bond movie talk. As others have said and I have said elsewhere, it seems like there’s no such thing as two people having the exact same list of films ranked from best to worst. I’ve seen some that just leave me befuddled. I personally rate them by the actors who play Bond rather than trying to rank all 20 plus. No offense to Harlo but I rank From Russia With Love as my best Connery Bond.

    You Only Live Twice has some pretty cool stuff and the sets are great, but some parts of the story really sink it, like Connery turning Japanese and how long that took and the lack of payoff you get from that waste of time. To steal a theory I came across on a forum, everything you see in the movie after the first few minutes (when Bond is fake killed) is a dream as he actually *was* killed. That would explain the wackiness you see.

    And the guy who Connery fights in that great couch-throwing brawl? The Rock’s grandfather. True story.

    I’d also make fun of Chuck for some of the films he’s watched… but I’ve watched some tripe just to check out some hot actresses I rate at 4 or 5 Jox overall, not just for their great looks!

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