BMFcast126 – Rogue Magnetic Anomaly


Metal Tornado (2012) is brand spanking new and fresh from the local disc rental kiosk machine. Lou Diamond Phillips must miraculously track down a rogue vortex made of pure magnetism. How does that work?


Second half we take some emails and a voicemail. Then there may be some opinions put forth that go against the common sentiments about a couple of movies that may or may not be Drive (2011) and Bridesmaids (2011).


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  1. Chris says:

    Mariachi Maelstrom

  2. Blair Russell says:

    I can’t say I had heard of this movie before this episode but it sounds like goofy made for TV crap I expect on the awful SyFy Channel. And now I personally refer to Greg Evigan as Briana Evigan’s Dad. That’s no offense to Greg (I feel bad that he’s appeared in a few Asylum movies) but I am a fan of Briana.

    As for Drive and Bridesmaids, I saw the former on the big screen this past fall and while I enjoyed it, I wasn’t blown away and I did not get how many lost their minds over it. And it wasn’t because of any issues with the music (I thought it was awesome and didn’t take me out of it) nor how it’s paced. I am fine with slower-paced flicks. It’s just that the final 20 minutes or so before the end credits have some odd moments that I did not like/understand and how it ended in general made me feel “blah” and I was disappointed by that. Of course I mention that on a few hipster douchebag messageboards and I got yelled at in the typical hipster douchebag way but I won’t change my mind with that film.

    As for Bridesmaids, I’ve only seen some clips from it (at a pal’s place) and that is a movie I do not even want to watch in full. I am not a watcher of Saturday Night Live but between what little I’ve seen of that and this, I can see why quite a few people don’t like Kristen Wiig, because I fall into that camp too. I just think that she’s not funny at all.

    Sure, I think that most people on SNL in the past 15 years or so (yes, even Will Ferrell; I’ve never found him funny in anything, a statement I know has pissed off many when I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but that’s how I honestly feel, even if most of the BMFCast hosts will violently disagree with me there) fall into the same camp… she is not only unfunny but something about her is just a major turn-off for me, as in I’d rather not see her ever again. I am not someone who engages in misogyny, either. It’s just off of what I’ve seen of the movie and also various images with quotes that I’ve seen on various sites, that the “humor’ of the film is lost on me, and I enjoyed The Hangover, the too creepy Zach G. character aside, and Wiig is just someone I should avoid in general.

    On a lighter note, I looked on IMDb and next year Lou Diamond Phillips is going to star AND direct a movie only known as… ARACHNACONDA and it’s described as “It’s exactly what it sounds like.” Amazingly it has nothing to do with either Roger Corman nor the Asylum. That sounds like a possible second movie for Lou on this show way in the future.

  3. Jim Henson says:

    Great show as always you guys! Thanks for all the laughs over the last couple of years- I especially love the tagline on this one. “Nothing Can Prepare you For This”. it’s not really saying anything at all, it’s great

  4. MusiM says:

    Music definitely can completely turn me off to a movie. That Kevin Smith cop flick with Bruce Willis for instance, Cop Out. I for the most part hate that movie and at least 80% of that is the soundtrack. I know he was going for that 80’s cop movie synth soundtrack but man they did a shitty job. At the same time they could fix Iron Man 2 by putting in a sad Clint Mansell song over the entire party scene. Just turn the dialog off.

    I definitely have to be in the right mood for a comedy. Cause if I’m in one of those taking things too seriously mood the comedy is most assuredly doomed.

  5. Adam T. says:

    Could you not call a female character a bitch or a whore in every review? There are some characters where I’m sure the writer’s thinking was on that level, but I doubt it is happening in every movie you review.

  6. Maki Maki says:

    Just curious if that applies to us calling male characters assholes and pricks in most of the movies we review as well? I think we berated that annoying son more than anybody else in this movie.

    I understand where you’re coming from, but please understand that we are watching what are almost always poorly written and poorly directed films in which the female characters tend to be afterthoughts. Most of these characters fit two archetypes: sexy eye candy or annoying nag. I’ll let you guess which words tend to apply to those archetypes.

    We’ll try to be more aware when using those phrases so they don’t slip over to characters they don’t necessarily apply to (like Puffy McBotox in this movie.) I’m guilty of it, and I apologize if I offended you. I guess her botox got the best of me.

  7. Chuck says:

    We didn’t use any derogatory remarks toward Nicole de Boer, because her character wasn’t some kind of slutty whore. She was just nice science lady. But Boobie McBikerlady and Puffy McBotox and Hideous Unattractive Club Skank are apt descriptions.

  8. SM says:

    I, too, want to punch myself in the face. All the time. 24/7.

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