BMFcast125 – Big Rock Candy Mountin’


The Marine (2006) starring John Cena is reviewed this week. We feel a bit of shame for how much we enjoyed this outing from WWE Films and compensate with our longest first half  since The Wicker Man.


Second half it’s a voicemail/email extravaganza. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) and Bucky Larson (2011) might get mentioned. Enjoy!


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    As one of the people who recommended this movie, I am glad you guys enjoyed it. Of course I knew all the massive explosions and the 80’s-ness would get over but I wasn’t sure about some of the questionable stuff, like the bad humor and just the weakness of the script. But it is good that this wasn’t a Bags movie as I’d feel bad recommending one of those.

    The second half, I not only have seen Xanadu but have Can’t Stop The Music… on VHS! Yeah, that is putrid. I haven’t seen The Apple, amazingly enough. And the final 10 minutes of the episode… I’ll presume it was a long night at the BMFCast Headquarters, but I got a big laugh out of it.

  2. Chris says:

    Is it just me, or is that movie poster en Espanol?

  3. MusiM says:

    I did love Brain Donors as a child. Haven’t seen it since then so its probably terrible.

    Adam Sandler movies for me are pretty much Happy Gilmore, Wedding Singer and Water Boy. Anger Management or Mr Deeds maybe. Really didn’t enjoy much of anything else. Click especially. Hollywood needs to be educated on what an architect’s life actually consists of. But to be fair, How I Met Your Mother suffers from that too. Growing up going to 80’s night every week and then goth night the next evening really sold The Wedding Singer to me. Also, did not enjoy Punch Drunk Love.

  4. Blair Russell says:

    Actually, that poster is in French. If it would have been Spanish then it’d be appropriate based off of what was said in the episode, but in English it says “The war is over but the fight continues”, at least according to Google Translate.

  5. Chuck says:

    Yes, I too am not a fan of Punch Drunk Love. In fact, I am violently opposed to Punch Drunk Love.

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