BMFcast124 – Asstagonist


Pinball Summer (1980) aka Pick-up Summer is this week’s review. There’s pinball. There’s boobs. This should be good. It’s not.


Second half we take a couple of voicemails and spend far too long discussing this little art movie that came out last week that some of you may have seen. Avengers, or something like that?


Here’s a video preview of the workout scene!

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  1. MusiM says:

    I enjoyed the serious discussion on Avengers and having Chuck doing the devil’s advocate opinion. I will however mention complaining about a moment with Captain America paying homage to World War 2 and the holocaust while also talking complaining about downplaying New York getting alien bombed without showing reverence to 9-11 seems a bit unfair.

    The other thing to remember about Joss Whedon in particular is he does make his characters hypocrites and enjoys giving them other aspects to their personality other than their required movie role.

    But I’ll also agree with no matter how spectacularly awesome The Avengers is it definitely isn’t perfect.

    I wish I could get excited for Dark Knight Rises. I know it’ll be a fantastic film because Nolan is the man, but god I just can’t make myself care right now. Honestly I may have hit my dark and gritty limit for a while. That’s part of what I loved about The Avengers so much is that it wasn’t dark and gritty.

  2. Blair Russell says:

    I can’t say I had even heard of this movie before Friday night, but after hearing the recap, it doesn’t sound like the type of movie I’d enjoy given the major fault of the two lead characters.

    Hilariously, someone uploaded some of the songs from the movie’s soundtrack online, including the title track. After hearing that, if the other three want to punish Chuck after the opinions he expressed in this episode, tie him up and force him to listen to that song 50 to 100 times in a row!

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