BMFcast121 – PUNisher


The Punisher (1989) begins our Before Marvel F#@%ing Cared About Standards Trilogy presented by Stan Lee*. Our buddy Dolph Lundgren is out to murder some dudes, but can he deliver us another 5 Jox movie?

Second half we go movie talking crazy as we cover in theater movies Lockout and Cabin in the Woods plus new to DVD Shame and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and plenty more. There’s even voicemails and emails. It’s a slightly longer episode than normal but we make every minute count. Mostly.

*Stan Lee is in no way affiliated with the BMFcast and all celebrity and cameo appearances are impersonated.



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  1. Blair Russell says:

    Good call on picking this film. It is a blast. I heard about it on another site and I got the DVD used and that was a good few bucks spent. I had a great time with it, for the reasons that everyone mentioned. I even like “Peter The Tool”.

    I’ll still disagree with you guys on Lockout. I mentioned the reasons why I didn’t care for it in the comments for the last episode. I just thought there wasn’t much to the story at all. Even as a BMF movie, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. While admittedly not a whole lot happens in Escape From New York, at least that movie is awesome because it’s just cool and has a whole lot of style, which I personally say Lockout didn’t have.

    Like I also said in last week’s comments, The Raid: Redemption was much more to my tastes. Then again, I am a guy who doesn’t like Joss Whedon at all and thus I don’t care about Cabin in the Woods; you may think that my tastes are terrible, in other words.

    I haven’t seen Rubber but I’ve heard enough about how pretentious it is to be immediately turned off by it. If I want to see Wings Hauser I’ll stick to something awesome like the tremendously sleazy early 80’s movie Vice Squad, where he delivers a legit great performance as the villain Ramrod.

  2. MusiM says:

    Yeah I own this one. I wish I could see it again for the first time. Lots of fun quotes on this one, here are a few:
    “You steal a baby, you’re going to train them”. – Chuck
    “He has got serious gun face going”. – Maki
    “Off screen light speed, christ!” – Harlo in an annoyed figure it out tone
    “Holy shit are those Dolph balls?” – Beej

    Funny story, that Joe Pesci Lethal Weapon situation you bring up? That happened to me. Didn’t see a single Pesci movie outside of the Lethal Weapons until I was in my 20’s. I had a friend who idolized him who I drove up a wall because I could not stand him because I hadn’t seen Casino or Good Fellas yet.

    I am afraid for you guys on your upcoming Marvel movies. You’ve already seen the 90’s FF and Cap so I figure that leaves the 70’s Cap movies, Dr Strange, and the rest might not be in your wheel house depending on who you talk to (Daredevil, Ghostrider, Blade, Fantastic Four, X-Men 3, Wolverine Origins, etc). And if you’re watching Dr Strange or those Cap movies I hope you make it out alive.

    Unless of course you’re watching Return of the Incredible Hulk with Thor, cause that movie is kind of amazing for Thor alone.

    Also for the record, I agree and disagree with all of you at some point.

  3. MusiM says:

    I guess there’s also Generation X which…. well I mean Jubilee is in it. And who the fuck likes Jubliee?

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