BMFcast116 – All Hail Mr. T


D.C. Cab (1983) is this week’s review, directed by the man who put nipples on the Batsuit and starring the dynamic duo of Mr. T and Gary Busey. It is, for once, a comedy we can truly sink our enormous Busey teeth into.


Second half is voicemail laden with a broad range of topics covered. Enjoy!



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  1. Blair Russell says:

    Speaking of watching movies as a kid, I distinctly remember one night as a kid (I mean, more than 20 years ago) on the local broadcast station they showed this movie. Yes, that film edited for broadcast TV. After this episode I know how ridiculous that must be. I didn’t see all of it and what little I did see I really don’t remember but I do know I sat down to watch it one night. I need to track it down so I can finally watch it in full and in its R-rated glory.

    The second half made me realize that some of the fanbase is rather wacky, but hey that’s OK. The topics were interesting and I don’t have much to add to them, but thankfully “parts of DC Cop” wasn’t the first movie I remember seeing nor hating. I think Star Wars was my first.

  2. Blair Russell says:

    By the way, what a weekend this has been. Between Sly confirming to one of his fansites (and they’ve been around for 16 years and it is a trusted source, as hell the site is mentioned on Sly’s official Twitter page) that The Expendables 2 is going to be R after all, and knowing that April 13 is going to be an amazing day, I’m happy.

    I say that about April 13 as that’s when both Lockout and The Raid: Redemption will be seen by me. The latter is of course the movie from Indonesia that most people say is an AMAZING action film and I have the highest of hopes for. From looking at their official site Jacksonville will also be getting it on that date. As for the former, it’s pretty much an Escape From… movie in plot and characters but I heard some good stuff for it also. While I wish that Carpenter and Russell (no relation) would make a third Snake Plissken movie that so happened to be set in space, this will have to do.

    Oh, and the trailer for Lockout uses a certain phrase that everyone enjoys. I didn’t want to mention it before as I wanted it to be a surprise. But as now the TV commercials for the movie use the phrase, there’s no need to keep the secret any longer. Hopefully the usage of such a phrase portends great things for the film.

  3. MusiM says:

    So you guys kept saying Adam Baldwin and I thought, no way they mean him. They must mean Alec. And then I looked it up and you’re totally talking about the man they call Jayne. I didn’t realize he was in Full Metal either.

    Man Chuck bashing on Miyazaki. That’s messed up.

    I’m with Maki on Chris Tucker in Fifth Element. Suzy drives me crazy because she laughs her ass off every time at him.

    I think most people’s issue with Hanna was they thought it was going to be a balls to the wall action movie and were therefore disappointed, to relate to your end topic.

  4. Harlo Harlo says:

    You have to realize I was using all my willpower not to go Browncoat crazy when talking about Adam Jayne Baldwin. I almost brought up that Ron Glass was in Barney Miller but I figured it was funnier to point out that Chuck is old and say nothing.

    There may be some Hanna talk next episode btw.

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