BMFcast115 – A Birthday Gift from Nicolas Cage


Fire Birds (1990) helps us celebrate of our three year anniversary this week by bringing back a legend. We review  as our first official BMFcast movie starring Nic Cage since Ep 1. There’s a reason he is the greatest.


Second half it’s voicemailapalooza and we also manage to talk about four new movies including The Ides of March, The Thing (2011), Hugo and Paranormal Activity 3. It may be a little longer episode than normal, but damn it if we didn’t pack it full of talk. Enjoy!



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  1. Sunny California says:


  2. Maki Maki says:

    Last one, hope you enjoyed it, Sunny.

  3. Sunny California says:

    I am confused. Last one?

  4. Maki Maki says:

    No more testicle-looking smileys. You’re cut off!

  5. Blair Russell says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary, BMFCast. I am glad you guys are still around after 3 full years and the only change was the addition of one more person. Most podcasts don’t last that long, of course.

    I actually have seen Fire Birds before; it was a few years ago and I rented it for free from the local library. No kidding. I do not remember too much about it, sad to say, aside from the wacky moments that you guys brought up, like the driving the Jeep scene and the simulation scene and especially him stringing together an amazing and amazingly long phrase which went, “Yank them, bake them, shake them…” for like 15 seconds and sounding like the beginning to the Daft Punk song Technologic… no way could I ever forget that. And thankfully that scene is now on YouTube. I do remember that the movie was goofy (obviously) but entertaining.

    And yes I also still laugh at “son of a bitch dinosaur”. That’s one of a handful of phrases from the podcasts that I’ve never forgotten.

    Oh, and that wacky robot movie from India is actually something I’ve seen before. It’s Endhiran; nevermind how I saw it but I did. That’s almost 3 hours long and plus as it’s from India there’s a few musical numbers, but the effects are so wacky and videogame-y, I managed to enjoy it for what it was. Plus, I’ll never complain about looking at Aishwarya Rai… even when she’s in mediocre films like The Last Legion. I’ve heard of but have not seen Singam, which I know does not include robots.

  6. Sunny California says:

    I was just using kitty face to express warm fuzzies for being mentioned on the not video game podcast for video stuff.

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