BMFcast114 – Wu


The Guyver (1991) isa live action American adaptation of a Japanese anime. Plus it has Mark Hamill. What could go wrong?


Second half we catch up on plenty of missed emails and voicemail. Enjoy!


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    First off, what Harlo was referencing was Rule 34, about anything and everything being a fetish that can be found on the Internet. You don’t want to know the details about what I once saw in a web comic involving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and April O’Neil!

    I can’t say I have ever seen The Guyver. Sure, I’ve heard of it but I always heard it was bad so that’s why I avoided it. Then again, I guess I was too old to enjoy the Power Rangers when they were first on so thus I wasn’t able to enjoy that giant monster rubber suit thing; although of course I still love Godzilla, as no one should ever insult THAT giant monster rubber suit thing.

    Anyhow, The Guyver movie isn’t too hard to find online, if you get what I’m saying. I could only stand to watch a few random minutes and holy cow, no wonder why all you guys hated it so much. It not only was awful but it was just plain stupid.

    I didn’t mean to offer any spoilers and ruin anything there in the e-mail I sent. Once you guys watch the movie in the future and see those scenes I imagine you’ll laugh about them the same way I did. By the way, Jim Brown wasn’t the guy who threatened to kick someone’s eyes out their ass; rather, it was said by a minor character to a pimp named JOE CREOLE. The actor who played him passed away only a few weeks ago, actually. His performance was awesome as it was over the top, but in a good way rather than a grating Jimmie Walker way.

    Finally, I have to say there was some real interesting discussion in the second half of the show. It was nice to hear the ratings of all those old episodes along with aspect ratios and how movies are filmed. However, I can’t agree with Harlo on AvP:R. I did both the Alien and the Predator series (the first Predator and the first two Alien flicks are among my all-time favorite films) so besides that movie literally being too dark, those human characters are just awful and us never getting a Space Marines vs. Aliens and Predators movie is very, very unfortunate. But to each their own. Everyone has odd tastes sometimes. For example, I didn’t think that Apollo 18 was as awful as most people did.

  2. MusiM says:

    Yeah I think I tried to watch the Guyver live action once and it lost me after 5 minutes. I have no memory of it. I do know Guyver is one of those sacred animes based on a manga. The manga was released in 1985 and the anime a couple years later. I’m pretty sure Power Rangers was the 90’s. I haven’t read or seen any of them (Guyver). Also the dude who made Guyver started out as a hentai writer.

    You guys should do a samurai horror month. Like Samurai Armageddon, Versus (okay that one might be too long), other movies I’m not familiar with. Yeah I’m not selling shit, eat it! Or not, I mean free country.

    Turtles 3 makes me want to stab out my eyes. Yes I own it.

  3. Trevor says:

    u guys should really watch guyver 2 dark hero its way way way better then the first film, plus it has david hayater the voice of solid snake from metal gear. its a awesome movie with some pretty badass fight sequences. and the make up effects are way better in the second film. just me thats my opinion I love the second film.

  4. Chuck says:

    We definitely considered Guyver 2 for a future episode, but it runs over 2 hours, and that’s generally a no-no in our book of rules.

  5. Mathew says:

    Guyver II is on a similar production level to the first, but they removed two annoying items – the slapstick comedy, and the wacky street gang of misfit Zoanoids. They then added better fight scenes. A much better movie.

    Plus the whole movie is on Youtube!

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