BMFcast113 – Yaphet and the Kid


The Monkey Hu$tle (1976) wraps up Blaxploitation History Month. We’re joined one last time by American Treasure Yaphet Kotto and this time he has a kid sidekick. While this is normally a recipe for disaster, the only thing disastrous in this one is the fashion.


Second half we briefly talk about Tucker and Dale vs Evil and The Warrior’s Way then go down into possibly our most lengthy discussion ever as we recount our visiting of MegaCon 2012. There is lots of us geeking out over all the geek activities we encountered. Enjoy!





  1. MusiM says:

    I remember the Rocketeer. I remember being extra excited about Captain America because it was the same director. I am afraid of ruining my memory of the film by watching it though.

    Man I miss DragonCon. I doubt I can afford it this year either.

  2. Blair Russell says:

    I do wish I could have been able to have gone to MegaCon, if only to see 3 of the 4 personalities of the BMFCast, but for various reasons I wasn’t able to. Oh well, maybe next year… at least hearing about the Con was great entertainment. I’ve never been to one before so I can only imagine how wacky the whole experience is.

    While I’m not sure if I’d enjoy Monkey Hustle (the slice of life storytelling must not be for me; I’ve tried to watch and enjoy Dazed and Confused more than once, but I’ve never been able to enjoy it, as blasphemous as it is to say), the review was at least funny and I am glad Blaxploitation Month has turned out so well.

    Speaking of Yaphet, here are two obscure movies of his that I’ve come across in the past (nevermind how I was able to see them).

    There’s 1982’s Fighting Back, about a simple store owner from Philadelphia (Tom Skerritt! Yes, he did more than one movie with Yaphet) who had a real bad couple of days dealing with crimes so he decides to form a vigilante group. Yaphet only appears in a few scenes and he plays an angry serious character. But, you can see him wearing a purple leotard top with grey pants, which was quite the look. The best scene involved Tom and a restaurant owner getting into a fight at his chicken restaurant, and I say it’s a Jox scene if only because the denouement of the scene was Tom celebrating his victory over the dude by getting and paying for a bucket of fried chicken! What a wacky movie that is, involving everything from the Mob to 11 year old using heroin.

    Then, there’s 1971’s Man and Boy, a serious Western drama starring, no kidding, BILL COSBY. It’s him and his son looking for a stolen horse. It’s fine, I guess. It also has Henry Silva in a small role, playing (shock of shocks) a villain. Yaphet only appears less than 10 minutes but he’s in a happy jovial mood, laughing and smiling a lot… until he and Bill have a disagreement, so in a truly great moment in cinema history, Yaphet Kotto and Bill Cosby have a 2 1/2 minute fist-fight! It’s pretty good, especially considering it looked as if the two guys did the scene themselves with little if any doubles being used.

    Oh, and to finish off this rambling message (it’s funny, I’m as unwordy in person as I am wordy online), I was one of the few who saw The Warrior’s Way on the big screen. I didn’t really like it myself. It wasn’t even the Sucker Punch-style opening which turned me off; I just thought a lot of it was boring, and not even the action scenes really entertained me all that much. It’s certainly an odd movie with an odd premise and an odd cast, but in terms of a badass fighter guarding an infant story, I’ll stick with the Lone Wolf and Cub movies.

  3. Rhyss says:

    soooooo where can i find that Moxxi picture?

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