BMFcast111 – Pimp Moot


Truck Turner (1974) continues Blaxploitation History Month. Issac Hayes is a bail bondsman bounty hunter bringing bloody bar brawls back into bearing. And there’s a gaggle of pimps whom you just won’t believe exist in this universe.


Second half we talk movie monsters, the MPAA in The Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006) and have some movie giveaways. Enjoy!



Here you go, the Pimp Funeral!

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  1. Kade says:

    Dear Harlo,

    That fucking pun, killed me.

    (I play drums and a drum specific piece of music is also called a cadence so it was double punny for me)

    You guys rock,
    Kade The Highschooler

  2. MusiM says:

    I had to go watch that pimp funeral on Youtube and it did not disappoint.

    Nice Jerk reference too!

  3. Strelnikov says:

    I need to rent this little mofo based on the pimp funeral alone….

  4. Tobias says:

    $145,200 is how much those ho’s were making… that is a lot of ho ing

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