BMFcast110 – Black in Action


Slaughter (1972) kicks off Blaxploitation History Month! Jim Brown shows us all how a movie entrance is supposed to go down.


Second half we take a couple of voicemails and emails and then re-open the Batman can’o’worms. We’re joined by special guest Tobias and he regales us his viewing of 1998’s Point Blank. Enjoy!



Watch a video preview of Slaughter fightin’ dudes!

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  1. Blair Russell says:

    “Oh wow” is the best reaction I have after listening to this episode. While I was figuring that this movie wouldn’t be getting bags, I was gladly surprised by the ratings everyone gave it. After inspiring an entire themed month and all the enjoyment expressed in this episode, I don’t know how many more recommendations I’ll give in the future, if only because there’s no other place to go but downhill!

    But yes, what I like the most about this movie (aside from it being awesome in general) is that so much happens in the first 15 minutes, where it starts right away with the car explosion and that great segment ends with Jim Brown causing that agent to-figuratively-crap his pants.

    I’ve never seen the sequel so I have no idea if it’s any good or not. I really want to see it just because Johnny Carson’s sidekick was the bad guy and I heard him be described as “a tail-chasing crack hustler”, and that sounds incredible.

    Besides you guys being so happy you saw the film, the second half was also great with even more Batman discussion and that 90’s Point Blank movie. It was unfortunate The Beej wasn’t around but it was nice to hear Tobias again.

    Hopefully the other movies this month are just as fun and there are no bags to be had.

  2. Andrew Q says:

    More of the new guy! He’s awesome.

  3. Adam T. says:

    re Batman Returns, Jon Peters had very little involvement with it. He was working at Sony when it was being made at WB. Read “Hit & Run” for lots of early Jon Peters stories.

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