BMFcast109 – Cananimation


Rock & Rule (1983) is our first ever attempt at an animated movie review. It’s the me too of Heavy Metal ripoff movies. Only with less heavy metal and more canadian.


Second half is our usual cavalcade of movie talk, voicemails and emails. Including talk of Haywire (2011), Titan A.E. (2000) and maybe some more arguing about Batman movies.  Enjoy!


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  1. GTPodcast says:


    Well, I couldn’t disagree with you more about Rock ‘n Rule. I think you judged it by modern standards instead of the standards of its time: the pre-Robotech, pre-anime, pre-Avatar The Last Airbender world. Yes, the animation doesn’t look as good as Disney did then, but neither did Nelvana have the kind of money that Disney had. Yes, it’s bizarre, but that kind of weird trippy thing was the style at the time. I think where it failed, it did so at least trying to do something interesting.

    Anyhow, if you still want to give away that DVD set, I’ll gladly take it. It’ll be appreciated here.

    gtpodnotes at gmail dot com

  2. Chuck says:

    I thought we were fair towards it in regards to the art style. I think our overall problem with it was the pacing, and the odd tonal shifts.

  3. MusiM says:

    Just FYI GT Podcast, according to IMDB Rock & Rule came out in 1983. Anime started in the 60’s with Gigantor and Speed Racer, . The first Gundam series came out in 1979. While Robotech was edited for the US audience in 1985, the series originally released as Macross in 1982 in Japan.

  4. GTPodcast says:


    Yes, I know that anime existed in Japan before 1983, but it was basically unknown to western audiences much before the mid-80s. Certainly, it wasn’t well-known enough to be an influence on the art styles of western animation before then.


    I can see that, but I still think that RnR was trying hard to do something new – figure out what animation aimed at adults could or should be. I find it hard to knock a movie that was trying to stake out new territory for making some missteps. Overall, I find RnR more admirable in what it was trying to do than regrettable for what it did wrong, and am maybe more willing to overlook its faults than others are.

  5. Strelnikov says:

    I’ve never seen “Rock & Rule”, but I did watch “Heavy Metal” and with those sort of movies it’s just best to treat it as an experience and not a film with a plot.

    My limited understanding about “Rock & Rule” is that it started out as a more kid-friendly film called “Drats!” in 1979, went through a vast number of changes, and came out as the movie you watched, so it’s neither one thing or another.

    To me, that post-nuclear holocaust element sounds like it was stolen from Ralph Bakshi’s “Wizards” (1977) with other elements from Bakshi movies like “Heavy Traffic” (1973) and “Fritz the Cat” (1972.) I find it suspicious that this movie is about rock musicians when Bakshi was making a movie called “American Pop” (1981) about the history of popular music in the US through three generations of people, while “Rock & Rule” was being made. But then, there are differences; Bakshi used a lot of rotoscoping to avoid having to draw character motion completely from scratch, and this sounds like it was done traditionally.

  6. Andrew Q says:

    If you guys want a truly horrible animated film you need to step out of the 80’s. Rock and Rule may have sucked and had bad pacing, but at least things happened.

    You should watch Tales of Earthsea (2006)

    This little gem comes from Hayao Miyazaki’s apparently mentally handicapped son who directed this piece of boring crap. If you can make it all the way through without gnawing off your own arms to keep from dying of boredom, your TV opens up and presents you with a fucking medal.

    The cover of the movie has a dragon on it, however they somehow forgot to include them in the movie. The 5 seconds you do see one, it’s not really clear if it’s real or metaphorical or what. The movie is a fucking disaster and I’m sure you guys will enjoy ripping it apart.

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