BMFcast107 – Robocrap


Robo Vampire (1988) effectively combines elements of our favorite and least favorite movies of all time. No further explanation can possibly be given for this movie. Well, aside from our review.


Second half it’s all listener voicemails and emails. We take a while because it takes a while to catch up on basically a month’s worth of feedback from the Garfield Phone. Enjoy!


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    I was surprised you read that long rambling e-mail from me. I apologize for babbling on like a schoolgirl there. But I am still flattered it got read, and if I do write in for a later show I promise I’ll be more succinct.

    I am glad I haven’t seen Robo Vampire although I have heard of it and the cover implying that Robocop will fight vampires, or maybe that he’s a vampire.

    Technically, you guys have seen three Godfrey Ho movies. There’s also Undefeatable. But, I know that film seems quite a bit different from this and Ninja Terminator.

  2. Maki Maki says:

    Man! How could we forget Undefeatable? It feels completely different from the other 2 movies since it feels like a masterpiece of pacing and cohesion by comparison. And Cynthia Rothrock is awesome.

    And hey, at least your e-mail yielded a complete laughing fit meltdown by me, so there’s that.

  3. Blair Russell says:

    Yeah, at least there is that. I also enjoy the idea of Rip Taylor having been the villain of Slaughter instead of Rip Torn.

    Plus, I can confirm what Chuck said in that the film has more fountains than you usually see in a motion picture.

  4. Strelnikov says:

    I know it’s too late, but Godfrey Ho is the rock-bottom of Hong Kong genre directors. Another internet film reviewer, Brad Jones (the Cinema Snob), calls his method of film-making the “cut and paste technique”….I don’t know if Ho actually made one complete film, or if he started out fitting his bad footage to other people’s better (but unfinished) movies. In fact, the cut and paste method killed the martial arts aspect of actor Richard Harrison’s career; Godfrey Ho used Harrison’s footage in movies Harrison was not contracted to work in because it was cheaper than filming new stuff. Obviously the Godfrey Ho filmmaking method is useful if you want to finish a couple films quickly and gain second director status painlessly, but he abused the system. I don’t know if the Fiends brought it up, but Godfrey Ho had some connection to the HK Triads; yes, I know many of the Hong Kong film companies and directors had links to organized crime, but with Godfrey Ho it seems to be a little more obvious.

    The only great thing Godfrey Ho ever did was introduce the schlock action world to Pierre Kirby, who was in a couple of “American Commando” (which were more like cop films) movies, a giant snake flick (he plays “Ted Fast”, commando badass), and some Ninja movies (“Ninja of the Magnificence”) where the ninjas wore pink, yellow, and red costumes. All these flicks were made in 1988, then Pierre Kirby (who may have been Australian or British) vanished.

    BMFcast, I dare you to review a Pierre Kirby movie.

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