BMFcast105 – Ray Liotta’s Magical 8-ball Adventure in the Sky


Turbulence (1997) is reviewed this week, starring a cocaine rage fueled Ray Liotta. Seriously, if you think Nic Cage is crazy, watch this movie and re-evaluate everything. Lauren Holly is along for the ride and gets one of the cheesiest lines in movie history. It’s a holiday thing! Right!


Second half is jammed pack with emails, voicemails and talk of movies. Including one you should NEVER EVER watch. It might be A Film. That is Serbian. Enjoy.



Watch Ray Liotta freaking out! Multiple times!

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  1. Boom Boom says:

    No, no, I actually like Hugo Weaving, I just think Scott Pauline’s Red Skull is excellent. And the suit did not destroy that older Captain America movie, it simply lacked action (but lots of people love the castle scenes mind you).

    There’s also certainly nothing wrong with Christopher Reeve Superman. Superman especially does not need “armour”, he is almost invincible.

    The fact that anyone would think to knock a single thing about the Reeve movies means that someone needs to take a little silver fork and a little bit of bacon grease… and dig right up inside their crack to remove the little dirty bug that is telling them to complain about things that absolutely worked and movies that were unmistakeably loved. Whatever worked or didn’t work in Superman Returns is just completely irrelevent to the point, it COMPLETELY worked when Reeve was there.

    As Buddy Love says, “No matter what, you gotta strut” you gotta just dive in there.

    Spiderman was great but that was the only thing I’d want to change, I’d like a spunkier voice and even a little more gracefulness in the body language. Maguire eventually ends up spending a lot of time without the mask because he needs his face, and I heard that even led to marvel GETTING RID OF THE MASK FOR THE COMICS or so Jay Leno reported back in the day, I’m not always sure that all his news is correct.

    Really man, there are lots of people who can act with masks and suits on, and Spidey has the luxury of SPEAKING which most other suit actors (like say Jason Voorhees) do not have.

    No complaints other than that. I think most modern movies are designed to moderately please everyone rather than wholly pleasing anyone or someone.

    I’ll give you leeway about XMen, because they do dress a little bit alike in the comics (albeit they still differentiate between characters) but with Superman… no way. Clothe, spandex, whatever, its like Excalibur, the right man is gonna know how to strut it.

    By the way, the guy from SMALLVILLE and the actors in that should deserve their own Superman movie. I’ve been expecting that for a long time and it never happened. He is the best new superman and they should be putting him in the role, not these other guys. The Lex on that show would also be way better than Kevin Spacey, and probably better than Hackman too (though I love Hackman, thats how good the Smallville Lex is).

  2. Blair Russell says:

    While I haven’t seen this movie before I’ve heard from other sources how coked out Liotta was, so I’m surprised I haven’t tracked it down yet.

    Speaking of Liotta, if you want another batshit insane performance from him you should watch In The Name of the King. I know, it was brought up on an earlier episode and it wasn’t watched due to its length, but I say an exception should be made. You don’t even have to watch the Blu-Ray version, which is 162 (!) minutes, although I say that is definitely better as it erases some plot holes and wraps up some loose ends… and also gives you more Matthew Lillard.

    Yes, even more than Liotta, Lillard’s performance is AMAZING. You thought he overacted in most of his movies before, but this takes it up about 10 notches. It can be best described as Captain Jack Sparrow times 5 or 6. It really is tremendous. It’s as if he drank a 5th of bourbon right before his scenes.

    Then again, for a long time now I’ve thought that Dr. Boll doesn’t still deserve all the hate he gets now, and I didn’t think In The Name of the King was THAT bad. I’m sure you guys would find a lot to laugh at.

    Just this month a new Boll movie was put out on DVD, and it happens to be In The Name of the King: Two Worlds, which stars, no shit, DOLPH LUNDGREN. Yet I’ve heard mixed reviews about that. Even a reviewer who enjoyed the first one thought that this was boring, which means that if you guys watched it, it could be a Bags movie.

    As for Turbulence, they actually made two direct to DVD sequels. The second one seemed to be made into Turbulence 2 after the fact and has Jennifer Beals and Tom Berenger in its cast.

    Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal, though… I heard about it on another podcast. It sounds howlingly bad. It’s about a Marilyn Manson-type who has a pay per view rock concert on an airplane, only to have it hijacked by real Satanists who want to crash it into a town in Kansas to open a portal to Hell, or some such nonsense.

    The cast features some familiar faces, including Gabrielle Anwar, Craig Sheffer, Joe Mantegna, and yes, RUTGER HAUER. From what I heard, it’s God-awful but it’s entertainingly awful. I need to watch the film to say for myself if it’s worthy for this podcast or not. And, I need to hear Slade utter a few times his catchphrase of “Let’s do the hustle” (I swear, it’s true) and see a production so cheap the “cockpit” chairs apparently were office chairs that rolled around (again, I swear this is true).

    As for A Serbian Film… poor Beej. I just needed to read the detailed synopsis on Wikipedia and that was enough for me. That theatrical notice on its IMDb page… it’s opening in Japan on that date.

    Anyway, sometime soon I’ll write an e-mail into the BMFcast e-mail box, as recently I finally caught up on all of the episodes. I’ll eagerly await the remixed episodes too; I won’t be too sad that you guys won’t return with new content for a few weeks.

  3. Victor says:

    Definitely watch “Drive” (1997). If anything it is outside the scope of your podcast, because is is a very good film, it seems to be fairly unknown which I don’t understand given its quality. Acting is great overall, really enjoyable, sometimes laugh out loud villains, and the fight choreography and filming is superb. And overall just a very bright and fun movie.

    Also watch for a small appearance by David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear series.

  4. MusiM says:

    On “A Serbian Film” and Tiltcast…. never trust Trent on any horror movie ever. Just FYI, known the dude for almost two decades (longer mind you than anyone on Tiltcast by at least 4 years), and he actively seeks out and watches beyond fucked up shit. Trent if you’re reading this, I love you but you watch fucked up shit.

    I didn’t enjoy the black leather jump suits for X-Men but at the same time I’m glad they didn’t go with the comic outfits. The outfits in X-Men First Class I really enjoyed. Thor did an amazing job translating the costumes as I never in a million years would have guessed those outfits could work in real life.

  5. Boom Boom says:

    Just to clarify my issues with the Bale Batsuit…

    – Clothe cape. For some reason, even with all of the rubber he’s sporting, they decided to give him a clothe cape which is ironically impractical given that not only would a leather or canvas cape look cooler, but it also makes more sense for whenever Batman does his hangglider thing which at least carries a suspension o disbelief when the cape is leather or canvas.

    -The neck, understandably altered for flexibility reasons, is thin and makes him look like a bobble head. Also, the exposed mouth area just feels too narrow and weird looking.

    -Finally, I’ just really pissed off that no one has the balls to use the yellow and black Batman chest emblem. Tim Burton sold his first film just by showing that alone, it looks cool and everyone likes it. I don’t know what kind of inut these studios get, but nobody wants to see the emblem gone. I’m also a little bothered that none of the Punisher movies have the balls to use the skull emblem because it apparently did not screen well. The marketability of the Punisher can be very unpredictable, and again its yet another one of those things where you have to just go for it and not accept this kind of feedback about not using the emblem or whatever. He’s hard to sell even if you meet everyone’s suggestions because he’s just a very dark kind of superhero. ALL of the Punisher films turned out well to my satisfaction though, the only thing I ever wanted was for them to use the full emblem.

    The Dark Knight was the first Bale batman that I was able to enjoy. I turned off Batman Begins because I could not get through all of the clunky training stuff they had him going through, and I was disappointed that they didn’t pull it off well because I actually enjoy seeing Batman’s origins and training stuff in the comics and they totally blundered it and overdid it because it probably took up the whole first half of their film doing the stuff with Raas Al Ghul and so forth (who was once a favorite guy and then afterward not so much because of this movie).

    Batman Begins was also considered a prequel to the Keaton films when it first came out, and that also ticked me off back then.

    Keaton also still has the best Batmobile, his batmobile is beautiful, and I enjoyed Batman Returns as my favorite film.

    The best I can observe from Batman Begins is the Scarecrow, but the movie is far too long and he’s probably not in it long enough for me to get to enjoy him, but that guy did a good job and there’s some cool Scarecrow stuff.

    Also they should not have killed TwoFace so soon, that is just a huge missed opportunity and a very foolish move to just “consider him dead”. TwoFace has pulled in big money every time he has appeared. I had not even intended to watch the Dark Knight until I heard Two Face would be in it and I’m glad it pulled me in.
    Their next film is gonna try to pull everyone in with Bane as their lead villain, but I sense they could have bad luck with that even though I’m very interested to see the new Bane. Bane is not a very mainstream villain even though he’s very important to plenty of us. The new Catwoman is also gonna have a hard time filling Pfeifer’s shoes, and she will have to fill those shoes because the trailer shows her in similar scenes that they had Pfeifer doing with Keaton.

    Schumaker actually did a pretty good job with Batman and Robin. I never liked Clooney as Batman and I now think Uma is totally wrong for Ivey and probably the worst actor in the film, but there’s lots of great stuff in that movie and Schwarzenegger really pulls it through in the long run. I mostly blame Clooney and Thurman, I think Schumaker was a good director, it had a great performance from Gough in his last Alfred appearance (kicks the crap out of Michael Caine, yes, yes), Silverstone is fun and hip, and O’Donnel’s Robin (who actually more resembles Nightwing Robin) is still good.

    Supposedly there are gay in-jokes and plotlines speckled throughout the picture but actually I think some of that is overblown (pardon my pun) simply as a result of people knowing Schumaker to be gay. Schwarzenegger will deliver similar lines throughout many of his films, but if gets up in that movie and talks about the “size of his gun” or other such business, it takes on a new life of its own when its in a movie from a gay director. I also thought the suiting up butt or boob shots were pretty funny, and again…. takes on a different perspective if you find out that the director was gay, but he did do it with Batgirl albeit with toned down nipple armour (probably ore of the censor’s fault than his).

    As far as gay directors go, just be happy that these films were not made by Bill Condon (gods and monsters). I don’t agree with Schumy’s lifestyle choices, but it think he was real entertainer and did things very straightforward and professional and in his own unique style. Batman and Robin also has a return to more gothic stuff with all the statues and things we get, its scenery and plot is more gothic than Batman Forever was.

  6. Maki Maki says:

    Mr. Boom Boom, what you’ve just said about Batman & Robin is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  7. Boom Boom says:

    The puppy says it was a masterpiece!

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