BMFcast104 – Chipotle and Dollhouse


Aztec Rex (2007) AKA Tyrannosaurus Azteca, wraps up Triple Rex. We go out in style. Too bad that style is low budget, horrible rendered CG T-rex. But hey, there’s Ian Ziering (as a Spaniard)!


Second half, as usual, we answer tweets, emails and voicemails. We even tell you which movies made us cry. Enjoy!


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  1. Chuck says:

    And to clarify… Ian Ziering doesn’t have an official Twitter account so we couldn’t ask him about Paul Walker.

  2. Boom Boom says:

    Yeah! Stranger likes Striking Distance!!!

    The twist or having foreknowledge of the twist is no problem with the Striking Distance movie or most other movies that have things to offer other than just a twist. If you find out who the killer is ahead of time, you still have a great action movie and lots of other stuff. And we’re not watching it to “solve the mystery” but rather just to see Willis beat the badguy which, in turn, involves solving the mystery.

    Its mostly just a problem with people like M Night Shamalan.

    I won’t go into details that would be spoilers, because spoilers are gonna ruin every first time viewing of Shamalan film, and most of his films are only good for watching just one time before you see the twist and you practically can’t watch them again which has spawned an even broader scope of “don’t tell me what happens” types of people ever since the Sixth Sense.

    I didn’t really care about the Sixth Sense, but Unbreakable was a movie that I was really enjoying right up until the finale reveal and that makes it one of the few films that I can’t watch more than once and enjoy it the same way. I really wish that it didn’t have a twist, I wish that particular character who reveals himself had just remained as a friend with no flashback ties to other tragic events.

    Signs, however, I did and still do enjoy! It is not reliant on any particular twist, its just a pretty straightforward movie about aliens.

    I can also enjoy Saw over and over again, but that movie is a masterpiece if you watch it for the first time and you don’t know what happens.

  3. AndrewQ says:

    Two movie suggestions for later:

    Turkish Star Wars – I dare you to watch it and not cry or try to kill yourselves. It would redefine the bags scale. 99 bags

    Star Kid – I racked my brain for days trying to think of the name of this movie, or the actors or anything and couldn’t. Then I googled “kids movie alien robot suit”

    First result was it. So were the next 350.

  4. MusiM says:

    On the remake topic, the other good side of a remake when you’re a fan of the original is the new spiffier cleaned up with extra interviews and making of features for the original release.

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