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Tammy & the T-Rex (1994) from the director of Mac & Me gets the review treatment. Now the BMFcast & You can listen to us talk about a movie with Denise Richards & Paul Walker. You will laugh & sigh along with us!


Second half we take our sweet time getting to some voicemails and an email. Plus The Muppets (2011) return in spectacular fashion. It’s so much insanity that you are guaranteed to hear us talk for about an hour and a half.





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  1. Jeff says:

    Hey guys great show. I bout Birdemic on dvd at my local Family Video here in Michigan for 2.00$. Have you guys check out the 2 commentary tracks? The one with the director is great, I cant believe how serious he takes the film. The second one with lead cast is also good and you can tell they are trying hard not to rip the movie too bad. Keep up the great work-Jeff

  2. MusiM says:

    So this is random. I tend to look up pictures of the actors/actresses in these movies as you talk about them. Turns out the chick who played Helga, Ellen Dubin, does a bunch of videogame voices including a bunch in Skyrim.

    My issue in comedic romance movies is if the couple swap really happened, everyone would hate each other by the end of the movie and someone would get shot. Like at the end of Serendipity people would be dead and the rest of the people would be hospitalized.

    I think a closer to realistic, albeit completely wacky, romantic comedy was Addicted to Love because the ex’s wound up as bitter, grudge holding stalkers. I restrict this statement to romantic comedies because I think Casablanca is the closest I’ve ever seen to a straight up romance movie and for some reason my brain doesn’t categorize it as romance. I do love Forgetting Sarah Marshall, especially for all the music jokes because they’re all true.

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