BMFcast102 – Exstinked


Theodore Rex (1995) is reviewed this episode. It’s a movie that, much like the star (Whoopi Goldberg), we were forced to complete. You wanted to hear us sigh in horror? Congratulations. We do that a lot.


Second half we take some feedback and talk about effects that pulled us out of a movie. Plus Maki talks Centurion (2010) and likes this movie about gladiators, Billy.



Watch us rant about that son of a bitch dinosaur!

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  1. musim says:

    Its extremely entertaining when you guys passionately hate something like this. You should do some Shaq movies.

    Your assessment on the Twilight bit with your audience isn’t correct. Suzy likes the Twilight movies and enjoys your podcast although she doesn’t listen to any podcasts regularly. Hell my taste doesn’t line up with anyone’s. Personally I’ve always enjoyed hearing thought out opinions whether they line up with mine or not. My attraction to your podcast comes from that you guys are funny when you weave the story of the movie you watched and you have thoughtful opinions and seem to have an idea of how movies are made, at least more so than myself. I mean really if you think about it, when you like something that the majority hates, like Twlight, your choices are either to hate everyone or be accepting and enjoy life. I like anime, turn based games, and music a lot of people don’t or wouldn’t consider music. I’m pretty used to it.

  2. Strelnikov says:

    BMFcast, you missed that the director also wrote/directed “My Science Project”, which was a great mishmash of “The Time Machine”, “Weird Science”, “Real Genius” and all the wiseacre BS from a number of `80s teen movies. It’s my take that when the 1980s ended, Jonathan R. Betuel stopped being “relevent” because the zeitgeist had changed, so he wrote this fish out of water script, got the directing chair, got to produce….and it was a horrible flop. He was so used to semi-success, failure blew his mind, and that’s why he runs a siding repair store in Wisconsin.

  3. Well, I figured that I should start commenting on these entries.

    I’m going through all the podcasts in chronological order but this weekend I listened to this one as I wanted to hear a sheer evisceration, which is exactly what happened. As it’s a movie I saw like 15 years ago, I am happy it got trashed so strongly.

    Now I am in the lower 80’s of episode listening, so I just heard The Beej at the end of one of those episodes say that he is *excited* to watch Theodore Rex.


  4. Chuck says:

    I nearly mentioned MY SCIENCE PROJECT but I didn’t want to get off on a tangent. Especially since Dennis Hopper is in that and then we would have started talking about SPACE TRUCKERS again.

  5. The Beej The Beej says:

    I was really hoping that no one would bring that bit about me being excited about this movie up. I guess it’s seppuku for me on the next episode…

  6. Strelnikov says:

    “I nearly mentioned MY SCIENCE PROJECT but I didn’t want to get off on a tangent. Especially since Dennis Hopper is in that and then we would have started talking about SPACE TRUCKERS again.”

    I only find “My Science Project” interesting because it’s such a mishmash of stuff but Dennis Hopper is barely in it. There are better “Dennis Hopper as a weirdo” movies out there, but aside from “Apocalypse Now” I can’t name one off the top of my head.

    Totally out of left field, but I think the Bad Movie Fiends were a little too hard on Whoopi Goldberg’s ass. After all, she was legally forced to appear in that “movie”; the director seemed to like showing her butt off, and we haven’t seen it on camera since (so far as I know…) I have to agree with whomever said that the costume was probably redesigned after she tried to walk off the “film”; however, it’s kind of cruel to mock somebody who is stuck by binding contract into looking rediculous for a shitburger flick*. Even if she should have read the frigging script. And no, I’m not a Whoopi Goldberg fan.

    Finally, all I can say about “The Last Starfighter” is they were setting it up to have a sequel; the main bad guy escapes, they have to rebuild the starfighter force, etc. I would bet, seeing how the movie is slightly derivative, that in the sequel the teen hero would fight the main villian face to face with some sort of lazer pistol, lazer sword, or by a martial art that used a mystical force to move objects with his mind.


    * BTW, the only reason this barfbag of a movie is on DVD is because the studio is still trying to break even. All those movies Maki listed – enough money was made on each so the studio could say “let this one sink into obscurity.” If you want to see “I Come in Peace” on DVD/Blu-Ray, find out who has the rights, then start a petition.

  7. Maki Maki says:

    The fact that they put Whoopi Goldberg in that outfit is damning enough. I’m sorry, but SOMEBODY involved should have said, “listen, I know you’re pissed off at Whoopi, but this outfit is not doing her or this movie any favors. Please, for the love of god, change it.” The fact that they didn’t, and the fact that it feels as if there are as many shots of Whoopi Goldberg from behind as there are from the front in this movie tells me something was going on there. Not her fault, but it’s somebody’s. It had to be Jon Beutel, the genius voice of a generation.

    I’m not starting a petition. None of those has ever worked. Ever. I’m better off saving my money now and buying the rights to I Come In Peace, sadly…

  8. Chuck says:

    The constant display of Whoopi’s ass was both cruel to her AND to the viewer.

  9. Straight Out Of Tijuana says:

    I’ve never seen this and have no wish to see it, but from your description it seems as if someone pitched Who Framed Roger Rabbit ‘with dinosaurs.’

    Think about it, all the elements fit: murder, toons=dinos (special effect minorities), torch singer act (with all the ‘minorities’ going crazy), a nonsense mystery plot, barely kid friendly, toon/dino racism, etc.

    You could make just about all the arguments you made against this one equally about Roger Rabbit.

    The only difference is that Roger Rabbit works (against all odds) where Rex doesn’t.

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