BMFcast99 – Ninja Train


The Hunted (1995) is reviewed this week, starring Christopher Lambert (sort of) and Joan Chen. It’s a movie that rides the line of being both a good and a bad movie but either way, has one of the best ninjas versus samurai fights on a bullet train you’ll ever see.


Second half we take some listener voicemails and talk most surprising bad movies and favorite music videos of all time.



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  1. Eric says:

    This movie is a classic. Haha. Kinjo!

  2. MusiM says:

    I saw Hunted a LOOOONNNNGGG time ago and all I remembered before listening to this was there was a train, dude broke his sword instead of giving it to the cops, samurai island, and Christopher Lambert was worthless.

    My favorite music video would probably be one of Cunningham’s Aphex Twin videos. Probably Come to Daddy or Window Licker.

    I liked Eternal Sunshine too.

    I’ve never seen Jaws.

  3. whostommy says:

    Sounds like I definitely need to check this one out.

    I agree with the “Weapon of Choice” and “Sledgehammer” videos being great. Two of my other favorites are Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” and Pearl Jam’s “Do the Evolution” video. Clearly I’m a fan of the more bizarre music videos (another that just popped into my head, Korn’s “Freak on a Leash”)

    Big fan of Eternal Sunshine, but one of those for me that I don’t feel any need to re-watch it.

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