BMFcast94 – Far Cryland


Far Cry (2008) gets the review treatment. Somehow this is our first film by Dr. Boll and the Video Game Mayhem. I don’t know how it took us 94 episodes to get here.


Second half we talk Attack the Block and Contagion. Then we revisit the topic of TV and talk what shows we’re watching and which ones we want burnt to the ground. We’re looking at you TLC.


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  1. MusiM says:

    Yeah I tried watching Dungeon Siege once. Seeing Burt Reynolds as king made the experience worth it. All Suzy and I could do every time he was on screen is think of that celebrity Jeopardy with Norm McDonald where he puts on the cowboy hat. But at the same time, we fell asleep after the first half hour or hour. Never went back to watch the rest. I tend to get Dungeon Siege and Doomsday confused.

    I hope you guys know about the Uwe Boll literal boxing of movie critics. If not you should read about it.

    I would also argue that most video game fans actually have good memories, they just have a vocabulary limited to whatever’s popular lately. Epic observation.

    Lauren and Joey saw Contagion and talked about it on The Carousel not too long ago and they enjoyed it. I had never even heard of it until they brought it up.

    I’ve never gotten into Dr Who. Or Battlestar, although I did watch the first season. I have enough niche things I’m into already. Quota reached.

  2. Maki Maki says:

    Not gonna lie, Burt was a huge factor in pushing for that movie. Length killed it, though. We rarely let BMFcast movies reach 2 hours. Ever.

    It’s kinda weird we never really got into the “lore” of Uwe Boll, but we kinda talked long on the movie at that point anyway. But yeah, we’re aware of the boxing match, but that was kind of a disgrace for all involved, if you ask me. Boll being an amateur boxer picking fights is one thing, but the way lowtax and some of the others played up the “woe is me” part of it just kind of made me feel sad for everyone involved.

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