BMFcast93 – Cancer Snake


Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) is reviewed this week. We tried to avoid the ’80s for a while but we just couldn’t stay away. After you watch this, you’ll know why we are happy to join the world of Andy Sidaris.


Second half we discuss Drive and answer some questions from Twitter.




  1. MusiM says:

    No way guys, starting right after Professor X died, X3 made the turn down shitsville road. Its what I imagine getting skull fucked is like. And to be clear it isn’t the character deaths that bother me. It did have some nice effects though. But it also started the X-Men on the path of mutants never permanently dying that drove me away from the comics. I got booed at the theater when I made an audible groan at the after credits scene. Really in reflection though, none of the X-Men movies are really good except for maybe first class and X2 and that’s only if you ignore quite a bit of the content. The X-Men are such great source material its kind of mind blowing to me how they can’t make a revolutionary film out of X-Men.

  2. Maki Maki says:

    Well, I’m no fan of the first film, it’s a barely finished, half-assed movie that I still can’t figure out the love for. While the second is pretty good and obviously a step up, I could barely tell you anything that happened in it now. The third was just another addition to a fairly bland film series, in my opinion. It’s not hatable but it’s not exactly lovable, either. Being an X-Men comics fan long before then, all I remember are the characters, so what actually happens to them plot-wise in the movies doesn’t matter to me. Though that reason is why Origins Wolverine bothered me so much. I still liked the 85% of First Class that isn’t utter crap, though!

    X-Men doesn’t work all that well when adapted to film because they have such a huge roster of characters and everyone seems to have a different favorite. No studio wants to commit the budget to a true X-Men epic that gives so many characters good screen time so it always ends up being the Prof X, Magneto and Wolverine show. Which is kind of a bummer.

    I guess you’ve made me realize I just don’t like the X-Men movies all that much.

  3. MusiM says:


    Yeah I think you’re right on the assessment of why the X-Men never work in film. We are a venomous fan favorite picking fanbase.

    With all that said and despite the utter crap of a movie Wolverine Origins was, I’m pretty excited for The Wolverine. I don’t know much about the director though.

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