BMFcast92 – Dave


Caution: Contents contained are not properly represented by this poster or synopsis.

G.I. Executioner (1971, 1975, 1984?) is a movie with a misleading title, poster and synopsis. Dave’s just a guy trying to keep The Man from getting his hands on his junk. Honestly we could write anything here and it would probably sum up the movie better than every description we’ve read.


Second half we take some voicemail, Twitter questions and talk about random movies. Standard tomfoolery abounds. Enjoy!


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  1. MusiM says:

    I was disappointed in Choke they left out the lynch mob at the end. Other than that I am a little sad I don’t own it. Doesn’t make for a good Christmas gift request from a Conservative Christian family.

    Iron Giant is fantastic! Blows my mind they actually gave Vin Diesel a credit for the giant’s voice.

    Irony, I just applied to Stitcher the other day and got accepted today and I’m actually listening to you guys through Stitcher on my web broswer

  2. Toeski says:

    So I played the home game again this week. AFTER listening to the episode though, so I can’t complain, I was warned(I really only half watched it on my laptop while football was on).

    I must say, you guys baffle me. How did Birdemic rate Jox and this rate bags? I know there was no coherent plot and the sound was terrible, but at least there were plenty of ta-dahs, which still doesn’t move it into Jox territory. I guess my point is I think you vastly overrated Birdemic. Perhaps you need to give each movie a single viewer rating and a group viewing rating. At least the ones where the pleasure comes from bashing the movie while watching it, and not the movie itself.

  3. Toeski says:

    Oh, and thank you to Harlo for the Stitcher recommendation. I generally listen on my phone’s browser via the site. Which works fine as long as no one calls or texts. The Stitcher app works great and you can leave the app and come back to the episode paused where you left off. Unlike my browser which reloads the page and restarts from the beginning.

  4. Chuck says:

    Birdemic stands out because it is so amazingly inept, you can’t help but to have fun with it. GI Executioner is just DULL. We made it fun because we’re fun guys, but Birdemic is fun on it’s own, because it’s so craptastic.

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