BMFcast89 – The Rape Escape


Snake? Snaaaaaaake!

Snake Eater (1989), starring Lorenzo Lamas is reviewed this week. If you’re looking for a revenge kill fest that pays off in all the right ways, you may want to look elsewhere. On the plus side, nobody was raped which is rare in our oeuvre of movies. And hey, it has a botorcycle, so there’s that!


Second half we take a moment to wonder, “What’s it all about, Alfie?” and read an email from geographically as far from us as possible. Plus more shenanigans are gotten up to.




  1. Toeski says:

    I was not aware that they had released an Android Netflix streaming app. Thank you SO much for bringing it up BJ!!! Awesome!! Not sure what provider you use or what phone you have but it worked great on my Droid X on Verizon. Excellent picture and didn’t drop out once. ( watched two Mad Men episodes, the first two I’ve ever watched, and I’m hooked)

  2. The Beej The Beej says:

    After 89 episodes, I finally provide some useful information! I use a Droid X through Verizon also, but my “hide out in my car and watch Netflix on my lunch break” area doesn’t have very good signal. Glad I got you into Mad Men, too!

    I totally won this episode.

  3. Maki Maki says:

    Yes, BJ, you were the Eater of SnaaaAAAaakes this time.

  4. Chuck says:

    +1 for Boat of Car for the segment link song.

    I watched Dinner for Schmucks over the weekend and loved it. I’d seen Due Date a few months earlier and thought it was even better. I love Steve Carell.

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