BMFcast88 – Thunderblast from a Butthorn


Stop making that face, it’ll stay like that.

Bulletproof (1988) stars the BMFcast’s own Gary Busey. We’ve claimed him. You can’t have him, butthorn! Oh ok, you can have him. He’s barely housebroken.


Second half we take a couple of listener voicemails, go off on rants about movie monsters (real vs CG) and give a quick review of Cowboys and Aliens. Enjoy!




  1. Maki Maki says:

    Here is the Youtube clip of Gary Busey having a saxophone flashback that we talked about during the episode. Please watch it, I’m begging you!

  2. MusiM says:

    See I recommended Phantasm as a BAD good movie cause no way is it scary. I mean come on, the bad guy’s catch line is “BBBBOOOOOYYYYY!!!!” Phantasm 2 is probably the best of the series since its more of an active hunt if I remember right although you’ll be more clued in if you watch the first. I have no memories of the 3rd movie oddly enough. I don’t know that any of them are 5 jox’ers but I imagine they would fall in jox territory. I think after the first one they all end on cliff hangers though. Could be wrong there too. Hey, part 2 is on Netflix streaming, gonna refresh the memory!

    Ah Starship Troopers. Paul Verhoeven’s good days. And after inspecting his imdb director stuff I realize that I really only like 3 of his films.

  3. MusiM says:

    Okay rewatched Phantasm 2. I think they blow up the same house like 5 times. Its a little of short slow builds. Like a 5, 10 minute build to some pretty hilarious payoffs most of the time. Yeah I still think its a fun non-senscial funny horror movie.

  4. Knobs says:

    Phantasm 2 had one of the best opening monologues with Reggie saying “I was an ice cream vendor by trade” LOL damn i love that line

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