BMFcast – Super Soldier Special


Pyun Pyun Pyun.

Captain America (1990) by Albert Pyun kicks off this very special (non numbered) edition of the BMFcast, as we review back to back Captain Americas. Matt Salinger stars as Cap, and along for the ride are (for some unknown reason) Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty and Darrin McGavin.

In the second half, it’s SpoilCast time as we talk Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) in the version that has a budget of more than $10. Seriously, I think in the 1990 one they ended up buffaloing and eating the wings off Cap’s mask by the end of it. As always, spoilers ahoy! Also, the part of Maki in the second half will be played by the oft mentioned but never before heard (on the BMFcast at least) Greencapt.



  1. MUSIM says:

    Man that sucks they didn’t have the trailer after. Yeah I didn’t hear about the trailer and when the after credits scene hit my mind was blown. As a trailer its pretty underwhelming in that its hectic because the shots are so short so it doesn’t actually tell you anything. But as a surprise I wasn’t expecting, the trailer was freaking awesome. Also they had a nice Fury/Rogers moment after credits.

    I’m also glad Greencapt noticed the original Torch. I got really excited about that. I really wish I could have a blue ray copy already so I could go frame by frame and see all the references that have to be contained within.

    I took the modern opening as the director preparing the audience for kind of a downer ending.

  2. Maki Maki says:


    With that out of the way, I’ll mention Chris Evans was in yet another non-mentioned comic book movie, The Losers, as well as a voice in the CGI version of TMNT. So he definitely is outpacing Ryan Reynolds, at least until Deadpool comes out.

    I want to note that I noticed the original Human Torch too, and would have mentioned it if I had been on. Seriously! One day Greencapt and I will exist in the same studio. Some day.

    Any link to the real Avengers trailer online for those who weren’t lucky enough to see it?

  3. MUSIM says:

    Here’s one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnbBI8XEvKA watch it before it gets pulled.

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