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This poster in no way sums up this movie.

Vicious Lips (1986) was sold to us as a movie about an all female rock group… in space. Think that’s all you need to hear? Well don’t because we’re going to talk about it.

Second half it’s a cavalcade of movie talk including Transformers: Dark of the Moon and a bunch of other with far less Bayhem. We also take some voicemails from the Garfield Phone. Enjoy!



  1. MUSIM says:


  2. MUSIM says:

    I think my expectations for the human portions of the Transformers 3 was at an all time low so it really didn’t bother me that much. Alan Tudyk was entertaining and surprising. And a big win in my book was that Shia didn’t freaking save the world by standing up to the robots. Shia had his own human villain and while they did have this girlfriend save Optimus it wasn’t as insulting as Shia going to Transformer heaven. Transformers 2 was such an atrocity human and mech wise even though it did some throw backs to the 1985 movie, I just can’t see Transformers 3 as a low point for the human portions.

    The 3D for Tron Legacy was actually kind of minimally used and boring. Where as Avatar brought the environment out and really transformed (BING) the theater, Tron Legacy was massively underwhelming for what it should have been.

  3. musim says:

    Also the “Pretender” from Transformers 2? If you aren’t familiar with the old toy line I’m talking about the tongue chick chasing Shia. God I hate that movie.

  4. Justin Nauss says:

    Me and Trent are glad you finally did this. Fuck ya!

  5. Trent says:

    I’m glad you guys got around to Vicious Lips – Horrible movie. If you are hitting 1987 next you should check out Ishtar. One of my favorites and a severely trashed film. Nowhere near as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

  6. Curt says:

    To expand upon what Mackie said about Michael Bay having no talent for comedy, this is coupled with the fact that he didn’t seem to want to leave any idea on the cutting room floor, either. Why did Sam’s parents have to show up yet again? Why was Malkovich even in this movie? Why did we need a subplot about how Sam couldn’t get a job? (though after TF2, WS2, and Indy4, I can’t believe Shia still gets work) All these things did was waste time that could have been spent showing giant robots whaling on each other.

    Wait, the Alien Blu-Rays have funky region codings? WTF, Amazon?

  7. Chuck says:

    Knight and Day reminds me of Bird on a Wire, which is a movie no one talks about, and that might be why I had no interest in Knight and Day. I’ll probably watch it soon though.

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