BMFcast85 – Chuck Norris Takes the LAW Into His Own Hands


Invasion U.S.A. (1985) brings back our old friend Chuck Norris after a long overdue absence. Happy birthday, America!

Second half we take a couple of voicemails, an exciting e-mail and talk Green Lantern.



  1. MUSIM says:

    Man I seem to permanently a week behind on these.

    I was actually waiting to hear what you guys said about Green Lantern. Honestly I just don’t have any faith for Ryan Reynolds as Hal.

    See I hate owning movies I don’t like. Sure it was cheaper to buy the X-Men blue ray box set but I had to let Fox know I hated X-Men 3 so I bought the first two separately. Anywho, good to know about Deathstalker. I tend to think of bad good movies as $10 or less purchases but if its worth the full $20, maybe I’ll bite come August.

  2. Maki Maki says:

    I can understand hating owning movies you don’t like… I used to have a really bad habit of just buying DVDs of movies I wanted to see since it cost about as much as going to a movie on opening night. Having an entire wall full of movies I knew I’d never watch again made me purge a whole bunch back in 2006. Doing that made me more selective about what I buy nowadays, so I can feel your pain there. If those movies are in the same DVD case as Deathstalker I wouldn’t sweat it since Deathstalker contains enough awesome to cover the rest of them existing.

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