BMFcast82 – Rowdy Roddy McDowall


Stay classy, 1984.

Class of 1984 (1982) continues our ’80s marathon. It came down to this or Q: The Winged Serpent. Did we choose right? Find out.

Then in the second half we take a bevy of various types of mail. Answer a quick topic and finish up by talking X-Men: First Class. Enjoy!

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  1. Chuck says:

    I know you guys didn’t end up liking this one as much as I do, but you sure did make it sound entertaining regardless. And while I like Q as well, I think you’ll agree that this was the more entertaining movie.

  2. MUSIM says:

    They got rid of music class? Man I’m old. I took jazz band as a during school time elective.

    The teacher in this movie really sounds like the main character in Hamlet 2 but in not a comedy.

    I remember the Rollerball remake being pretty bad. But then again I’m really not a fan of the original either. Course LL Cool J was in the remake though. You guys could tell us whether his performance knocks you out.

    For 1985 you could do the Ewok movie…. Yeah I know you said ’83 but I don’t have any ’83 suggestions.

    I got screwed on my Big Trouble in Little China DVD. I cannot describe how pissed I was when I went over to a friend’s house to see he owned a 2 disc version. Still haven’t bought another copy of that movie.

    I really enjoyed X-Men First Class but man Havok was just deadly hulu hoop guy. Its not like I have a lot of love for the character anyway but I wouldn’t wish that on Jubilee.

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