BMFcast81 – Land of Race Car Blah Blahs


Tell me this isn’t the poster to a movie you want to see.

The Last Chase (1981) begins our quest of movies from the 80s by episode number. Lee Majors drives a race car. Burgess Meredith drives a fighter jet sent to destroy said race car. How can this not be fun?

Second half we gush for a while about our amazing fans by taking a voicemail and taking a peak at Curt’s package *ahem*. Then we talk Pirates 4. You don’t get a link to that one. It’s already made enough money for its own mediocrity.



  1. MUSIM says:

    Funny story I had to pause for a bit while listening at work and completely forgot what you were talking about. When I unpaused an hour later I immediately received Harlo stating “he’s gently resting his trunk on her head while he rams it home”. I thought, they can’t be talking about elephants fucking can they? Holy crap that was funny in and out of context.

    I had the whole love the first Transformers movie coming out and the more I thought about it the more I disliked it (to relate to your Pirates/Sucker Punch talk). I can’t really think of a movie that had the opposite effect on me although I know there was at least one.

    So Harlo, have you seen Dr Strange (the 70’s TV movie pilot)? I couldn’t make it though more than 10 minutes. And really Hasselhof’s Nick Fury may be the right kind of bad for you guys.

  2. Harlo Harlo says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t see the comment sooner. Have not seen this Dr Strange of which you speak. To be honest, I didn’t even realize it existed! I think my quest for all comic movies needs to eliminate TV movies for now but this sounds awful enough to warrant checking out.

  3. MUSIM says:

    Yeah it was made in the 70’s I think. All I remember is some chick trying to cast a spell on him by dancing in the street or something while he stared. Its like really bad. Maybe you guys can change my view point on it.

  4. Mathew says:

    Not to cast a negative light on your review, but this is one of my favorite childhood movies. I guess being maybe a little bit older than you guys, I have no trouble following the slower pacing, so to me it’s a great movie. I always complain when a movie is too frantic, they cut things too short, or open with an action scene in a movie for no reason other than to excite the audience.

    So other than pacing, you guys seemed to like the film.

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