BMFcast80 – Like, Totally


This movie proves blondes really are more worthless human beings.

Totally Blonde (2001? 2003?) starring Krista Allen is reviewed this episode, based on our first female caller to the BMFcast Hotline. I hear Michael Bublé might sing in this one!

Second half we kill it with a voicemails, talk Easy A and Maki finally gets around to seeing The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift to complete his collection. Enjoy!

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  1. Aimee says:

    LOVE IT. Can’t believe I’m the first female caller you guys have had. More proof that women are the worst.

  2. zark says:

    Was that you guys doing the vocals on the break music?

  3. MUSIM says:

    Romantic comedies crack me up because you know if any of that shit happened in real life people would be dead. Like half of those movies have the whole couple swap scenario. A chick and a guy who are both in relationships with other people hook up and declare each other “the one” and then their ex’s get together. I think the most realistic movie in this situation would be like Addicted to Love where the main characters get together because they’re semi-sadistically stalking their ex’s. Or ya know, grab a gun and start pluggin’.

  4. Harlo Harlo says:

    @zark: Not unless we suddenly became the Flight of the Conchords. While this would be awesome, I’m afraid it’s not the case.

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