BMFcast78 – Half Dollar, Master Thespian


Totally P.I.M.P.

Gun (2010) stars renaissance man Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. He wrote and starred in this ode to firearms. Also there’s plenty of Val Kilmer in it. But there’s plenty of Val Kilmer these days.

Second half we take an epic voicemail from halfway round the world. Then we do our breakdown of the 2011 Summer Movie Season. Enjoy!

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  1. MusiM says:

    Man you guys never fail to brighten a day!

    Bat nipples!

    On Thor, its weird because I pretty much have the same take on the comic character as Maki. The movie however I’m pretty excited for. Don’t know if I’ll do an opening night but definitely opening weekend. No idea how good or bad it will be. Hell it might just be another, “hey we’re making the Avengers right now” movie. If nothing else, they definitely make Thor out to be interpreted as crazy in those previews. I’m just wondering if those are the only scenes like that. I’ve stopped watching the trailers because I’m worried about them spoiling too much.

    Totally agree with Harlo on X-Men First Class except I know why I don’t want to see it: I want the X-Men movie rights to go back to Marvel Studios. They started filming this movie in February or March. Fucking crazy. Doing effects as they’re filming? Balls nuts. I’m pretty sure Fox went “oh shit, the rights about to revert back to Marvel if we don’t get this out”. Also I agree Astonishing X-Men would be pretty amazing. This makes up for the anime infringements. ;D

    Tiny Chris Evans makes me totally have sympathy for people with midget-a-phobia. The Captain America excitement from you guys gives me hope. It looks cool but for as much as I already know about the film, I still feel like I have no idea at whether its going to be good or not.

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