BMFcast77 – A.D.D. it Up


Behold the good in this movie.

Speed Racer (2008) is an attempt to break our cycle of Golden Age movies by descending into the madness of a CG Nightmare. We also manage to break the streak of coming anywhere remotely close to agreeing about the rating of a movie.

Second half we keep it a little shorter after the rambling from the first half. We take a couple of calls from the Garfield Phone, talk Will Ferrell movies and the saga of The Fast and the Furious.

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  1. MusiM says:


    Whoa, that completely surprised me that Maki dug the movie. I fully expected the lot of you to despise this movie because its so over the top anime based. I may be off here, but it doesn’t strike me like most of you care much if at all for anime. Nothing is wrong with that, its just an opinion. That last sentence was for me not you ;D

    I enjoyed the movie personally although its definitely a guilty pleasure. They pretty much took all the absurdness of an anime and slapped it into a movie with absolutely no apologies. From the names to the outfits to the crazy action lines in the background to the villain talking fast, these are all stereotypes of new and old anime. I went into the movie absolutely dreading it, pretty positive that I would hate it but would up loving because its so over the top absurd. And really, if you’re going to go full world CGI with an absurd movie, may as well make the CGI absurd too. I do however agree that it should have been more like an hour and a half though. Its not a movie I would recommend to anyone, but don’t be surprised if it gets added to my blue ray collection when I find it for $10.

    Also, fuck 50 cent, you guys need to do a Henry Rollins movie. Wrong Turn 2, Feast, anything really.

  2. Maki Maki says:

    I know I did a poor job of conveying the stuff I liked versus that stuff that irked me so it did kinda feel like it came out of left field that I liked it… But Star Wars Episode 1 is still the best comparison. Some fun action scenes and crazy stuff held back by too much CG background vomit, too much business/politics driving the plot and an atrocious supporting character that feels omnipresent. I’d love a “Phantom Edit” of this movie that excises Spritle completely, Jar Jar style. I’d even own the Bluray if that was the case. As it stands, I liked it but I didn’t like it without serious reservations.

    As for anime, it’s not something I seek out, mostly because I don’t have the time to invest in something like, say, Evangelion, where I’d have to see days worth of shows to get the whole story. I’ve seen Akira, but it’s been quite a while and I remember having problems with needing to connect the dots, except they only told me where 1/3rd of the dots were. I don’t mind vague storytelling, but I mind it when I have to consult other media just to find out what the hell happened. (See: Southland Tales.) The animation looked cool, though.

    We did a Henry Rollins movie! Kind of! Jack Frost! The kids movie! He’s in it! http://bmfcast.com/?p=598

  3. MusiM says:

    I forgot about Jack Frost! Yeah that’s where I made Suzy listen to you guys and she really enjoyed it. We were both ready to see Jack Frost but I just couldn’t quite make myself do it. I’ll probably just Netflix it sometime and fast forward to the Rollins scenes.

  4. Maki Maki says:

    If you are watching Jack Frost for the Henry Rollins scenes you will be done in about 15 minutes. Shame I couldn’t find any of them on YouTube and saved you the trouble…

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