BMFcast57 – The Ensign Award


If I only had a brain.

This episode continues our month-o-horror with Scarecrows (1988). Hear us out on this one, the plot alone sold us on having to watch this one. We promise we’ll watch something next time not from the 1986-1992 range. Can’t help it if it’s the golden age of movies!

Then, in the second half, we discuss Let Me In (yes someone actually saw it) and Freakonomics.

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  1. Widescreen_Bob says:

    Not in my shower, you get your own rape shower.

  2. whostommy says:

    ^ that was from last episode (56) fucking hilarious though.

  3. whostommy says:

    Can’t believe I just noticed the alt text on all the posters. Just killed the last 30 min of work on Fri going back over them all. Had to comment on this one because I can’t believe you wrote out the lyrics to the song. Awesome.

  4. GoblinXXX says:

    I just despise any horror movie that uses the whole “failed heist” plot. The characters are invariably completely unsympathetic, and it generally just gets in the way of the actual story. I hate it even more than the cliche’ “teens going to party” plot, and that’s saying quite a bit.

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