BMFcast46 – A Jump in the Hopper


This Ain't No Movie either

This episode we pay tribute to Dennis Hopper and video game movie adaptations by watching the original, Super Mario Bros. (1993). What happens when you cram so much crap in a movie it can barely contain it? What happens when you take a simple 8 bit game plot and try to have even less of one? We find out.

Then we talk the polar opposite of the coolness factor in the second half as we all saw A-Team!  This gratuitous use of explosions and badassadry is right up our alley. We talk some other movies on home video and take a quick updated look at our summer movie plans. Enjoy.

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  1. Max says:

    Hey guys, great stuff as usual. I’m even more of a history buff than a movie buff, so my number 1 podcast will always be History of Rome podcast. You guys are awesome, don’t ever change.

  2. Derrick says:

    Mostly because you never mentioned the twin towers scene! I had no idea before I watched it and I jumped and had my eyes water up. Its fucking crazy and the youtube videos that the conspiracy nuts think about that movie. Its a lot of fun, I like this movie so much I ordered it off Amazon on dvd. The stuff writen about this movie in the wired side of the internet. Idk I really like the movie. I see it as a crazy fantasy/sifi movie that is different, I think. And I love John I saw “The Pest” when I was like 10 so i like him in everything. Well normaly love your show but you never mentionion the 911 scene! Maybe you cut it for sensitive listeners. Anyway drop mike Derrick out.
    P.s sorry about the drunk calls. Won’t happen again

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