BMFcast40 – Omega Doo Wop


To serve, protect and mess your genitals up.

Omega Cop (1990) starring Ron Marchini. Nary a crotch is safe as Marchini as John Travis kicks and punches his way through a post apocalyptic city forgetting his gun and collecting women. All this and a doo wop soundtrack.

Then we answer our Alpha listener call from the Garfield Phone BMFcast Hotline. What movies as a concept or in casting are puzzling? Find out as we talk it over. And Harlo reveals a long kept secret.

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  1. Buck says:

    ahh, the sound cut out when they drank the blood? that’s the best part! The dialogue goes something like this:
    “Next time, I want this cup filled with Travis’s blood!”
    Then everyone starts chanting “Travis’s blood! Travis’s blood! Travis’s blood!”
    I swear if the sound hadn’t cut out it might have been 5 jocks Beeg

    Oh, and I own a DVD copy of it that works here in ‘merica, and I found it on Amazon for only a few bucks.

  2. The Beej The Beej says:

    We did manage to catch that part, somehow. Having done this for over a year, now I know why so many people move to Hollywood to try to be screenwriters. If a movie like this can get made, why can’t a waiter write the next Sister Act II: Back in the Habit?

    As far as the rating for this movie goes, as you may have noticed it’s not set in stone. I may revise it. That crotch shot compilation is pretty compelling evidence. If only it had a robot getting kicked in the junk…

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