BMFcast34 – Inframation

Go go Inframan.

Go go Inframan

This week we watch Infra-man (1975) sometimes called Super Infra-man. It’s from the Shaw Brothers so you know it’s quality. He was mighty, he was morphing, and he was powerful long before those damn ranger kids.

Then we talk about our holiday bounty in movies we watched and received as presents. And Maki spoils Harlo’s secret.

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  1. Maki Maki says:

    Sweet Christmas that is some the best poster art I’ve ever seen.

  2. whostommy says:

    Did anyone ever figure out the movie? My guess would be The Family Stone. (things like this make me regret not listening to the bmfcast as they came out)

  3. Harlo Harlo says:

    It was eventually discovered and revealed a few episodes later. I would tell you now but I will allow the warmth of the time warp to be available to you. Just know that you will know soon enough if you keep on keeping on.

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