Victoria’s Michael Baysplosion Secret


Boom goes the dynamite

This is why America is awesome!

If you didn’t see or hear about it yet, Michael Bay apparently went off and directed himself an extra special Victoria’s Secret commercial. It is everything you’d expect in a (un)holy marriage of these two beloved American pastimes.  Behold the power below or click through to YouTube proper for HD goodies..err.. I mean goodness.

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  1. The Beej The Beej says:

    This made my day. Prepare to grin like you never have before at 1:14. The only thing it lacks is a Don LaFontaine style voiceover.

  2. Buck says:

    I just kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the esplosions. And Michael Bay delivered.

    Women in underwear and esplosions. Made my day.

  3. Max says:

    This is just perfect. I wish my life was directed by michael bay.

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