BMFcast29 – Completely Inappropriate

Double features aren't always doubly good.

Double features aren't always doubly good.

This week the manatees at the BMFcast delve into the world of the double feature for Halloween, with a review for Prom Night (2008) and Dumpster Baby (2000). From there the real horror begins.

Then we just delve into a further pit of horrors as we talk favorite and scariest horror movies of all time.

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  1. Max says:

    That is one freaky looking baby.

  2. Buck says:

    whoah whoah whoah whoah, T-stro is from Georgia? Where at?

  3. Tstrel says:

    Heh, its funny seeing it mangled a new way. On xbox live I get “test-rel” a lot. Went to High school in Augusta, but I am actually from Allentown PA originally.

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