BMFcast28 – Boogaloo

Never bring a sword to a robot fight.

Never bring a sword to a robot fight.

This week we suffer at the hands of our first previously MST3k’d movie, Robot Holocaust (1986). There are some out there that claim it didn’t happen but we have proof.

Then we delve into the world of sequels both good and bad.

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  1. The Beej The Beej says:

    This cover art is so bad-ass. Unfortunately, the only thing that even vaguely resembles the cover art is the name of the movie.

  2. Maki Maki says:

    We mentioned that this “film” is on Hulu. Here it is:


    Enjoy your visit from The Dark One.

  3. whostommy says:

    I know you said not to do this, but this one is just glaring to me…. sorry. Lethal Weapon.

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