BMFcast27 – On A B***

Set a course for censorSHIP!

Set a course for censorSHIP!

This week we complete the trilogy of Ice with the Ice T (aquatic) vehicle known as Final Voyage (1999). We suffer through either the weakest rated R movie ever or a TV edit. Either way it needed more violence, language and nudity to make this Ice seem cool.

Then we briefly sum up Zombieland and go into the listener feedback pool in the second half.

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  1. whostommy says:

    A little surprised at the luke warm praise of Zombieland. Of course, that is because I thought it was great and did go and buy it immediately on the blu rays. I liked Zombieland a little better than Shaun of the Dead, and I love the part with BM (don’t want to be a spoiler even though by now, plenty of time has passed) which I assume is what Harlo was referring to, that he thought dragged.

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