The BMFcast hotline is now open!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring robot phone.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring robot phone.

That’s right kids, now you can use these new fangled phones to communicate with us Intertubes folks! Now as well as Electronic-mail, Tweeters, Facespaces and Word Wild Webs you can use Marconi’s Telephone system.

Just dial 910-5JOX-BMF from any phone and you’ll gain entry to our fabulous automated answering service where you may leave a suggestion, comment or other forms of emotion which may be used on a future ‘cast.  Simple as that. 910-556-9263 for those of you that don’t speak letters in your numbers. Enjoy!

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  1. Ed B. says:

    Should have been a hamburger phone.

  2. Buck says:

    Or a Garfield phone

  3. The Beej The Beej says:

    If only there was a robot/hamburger/Garfield phone. Until I find one, I will compromise and use my avatar as a place to proudly display the Oscar winning Best Whimsical Phone in a Ninja Movie: Garfield.

  4. Jon Pernisek says:

    I meant to say this back when the Garfield phone made its BMF debut, but I had that damn thing as a kid. You’d think the novelty of the ‘eyes open/close’ feature would have worn off quickly, but I was an easily entertained kid. Unfortunately I never slammed it down in a fit of ninja frustration.

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