BMFcast21 – You Gotta Have Faith

"Crime is a desease." - Marion Cobretti

“Crime is a disease.” – Marion Cobretti

This week we review the Stallone 1986 killing opus Cobra. Not gonna lie, a lot of mofos die in this one.

Then we get thematic up in here as we talk G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Oh snap we’re clever!

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  1. MusiM says:

    I’m going to apologize what is about to happen as I’m trying very hard not to comment on the old episodes but the nerd in me is sploding. I love you guys but man did I hate GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

    The difference between adapting GI Joe and Transformers is that GI Joe has had pretty much two stories with very specific characters with very specific traits. Transformers changes characters and names and personality traits in every cartoon series. For instance, the cartoon series had Scarlet with Duke and the comics had Scarlet with Snake Eyes. Cobra Commander and Dr Mindbender never got along in either series (hence the flamboyant Serpentor) and this is a relationship that they completey void.

    My other issue is that I’m a big comic fan and they have some fucking phenomenal GI Joe comics and absolutely amazing origin stories for Cobra that would have been perfect for the big screen. As in it was so good I was ready to join Cobra. But then again, after getting over the initial shock of seeing the Transformers in the first movie, I really don’t like those movies anymore either.

    Also one Transformers/GI Joe crossover that was extremely good and a short read would be DreamWave’s crossover they did with the setting in WWII. Transformer fans seem to hate all of Dreamwave but I highly recommend this one. It was drawn by Jae Lee and written by written by John Reiber and is actually fairly creepy.

    Anyway in case you missed it:

    Whew, okay I think I’m better now. Keep it up, I’ll catch up to the new episodes one of these days!

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