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Shhhh be very very quiet, this week we’re talking Stealth (2005).  Can we catch that waskily airpwane?

Then we talk a few current movies that aren’t necessarily all that bad. And the topic of the week is Movie Soundtracks.  It’s chock full of goodness this week!

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  1. MusiM says:

    So I finally took TVGP’s advice and started listening to you guys and after listening to the most recent podcasts, I decided I really wanted to hear it all. I’ve been fighting the urge to reply to these old casts but this one I had to comment on because I love music soundtracks and scores so much.

    1) I love the Fight Club soundtrack/score, the Dust Brothers did a fantastic job. You’re probably right that it is one of the first of its kind too. I know Orbital worked with Michael Kamen on the Event Horizon to an extent, but that was more like what happened with Juno Reactor working with Don Davis. Except of course Juno Reactor reused a lot of riffs from Shango for their part where as Orbital “jammed” with Don Davis and his orchestra, taking samples and then creating several pieces.

    2) Glad to hear Zimmerman and Bates brought up.

    3) No James Newton Howard? His has such a diverse catalog from Unbreakable to working with Zimmerman on the Batman movies.

    4) I’m not a big Elfman fan, although I might like an Oingo Boingo track or two. Elfman has kind of the John Williams problem where everything he writes sounds fairly similar. I mean its a good sound, but I can’t count how many times I’ll start humming the Superman theme and it’ll turn into the Star Wars theme. Now granted Elfman has the excuse that all his Burton scores sound the same. And Spiderman was slightly Burton Batman-esque. But a minor criticism for sounds that don’t get old.

  2. MusiM says:

    Also Gustavo Santaolalla and Elliot Goldenthal are pretty sweet.

  3. whostommy says:

    Finally listening to these and like the last guy just can’t, not chime in on this one(and I’m sure Maki would get tired of me sending all my comments directly to him via FB message).

    The first two soundtracks that immediately come to mind for me are Forrest Gump (which is really just what a NOW! compilation would’ve been if the’d had them in the 60’s/70’s) and Blow. Great songs and they worked them into the movies perfectly.

    I kept thinking “how can they not mention the Jurrasic Park score?!?” but of course I looked it up and that is covered under the John Williams umbrella.

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